Keith Sweaty remix of "Hellhole Ratrace" 

July 12th release of Keith Sweaty's remix of the cover by Allyson Band "Hellhole Ratrace." The Girls' indie classic from the 2000s was covered by Allyson Band and now remixed into a chill, vibey electronic tune with such an interesting sonic texture you may think you are floating in a digital sky of sound. Keith Sweaty is a Portland based musical badass. He has remixed songs from Small Black, Wye Oak, Yellow Ostrich, Swimm, and many more. He also tours as the front of house sound engineer for countless amazing groups. He really has an amazing ear for music and can create amazing soundscapes.

Come Like It Goes EP Release June 13th 

An original EP of two songs from Allyson Band will be released on June 13th. It contains two upbeat summer fun songs to keep the pool party vibes rollin. The song Come Like It Goes tells the failed story of worshiping false idols and believing that status symbols are important. The song Waiting On You describes the trouble that young love faces from misunderstandings, overreactions, and simply getting used to a new person. If you can wait it out, time usually heals all and patience is a great virtue for a deeper relationship to develop. Listen to the new EP in the Music or Store tab or find it at all the major streaming and music distribution platforms. Have fun, make music!

New Remix from Famous Jamez of "All I Wanna Do" 

Electronic artist Famous Jamez who is a long time friend of mine, created an electronic remix of my cover of "All I Wanna Do"

It has an Empire of the Sun vibe and is the perfect pool party jam for the summer!

Give it a listen on the Music page and I hope you dig it! More remixes coming soon!

New Review from Divide and Conquer!!! 

Beyond stoked to have a new review from

They took the time to listen to all of my songs and wrote an insightful critique of the album. I was her first cover album review. Awesome!

Here is a preview of the review, check out the entire review at:

The first track is a Beach Boys jam "All I Wanna Do." I do love how he was able to strip away all that surfy, happy fun time and transform it into a wishful tune covered in a fog of delightful gloom. Next up came a personal Bob Dylan favorite of mine "The Man In Me." This one managed to capture a lot of the spirit of the original, but it had some great modern twists that i was into. The third track originally came from The Lemonheads called "It's A Shame About Ray."

A&R Factory Review of "The Man in Me" 

The first review of a song of the EP is in! And I couldn't be more appreciative of what A&R Factory have said:

"Californian artist Allyson dropped their latest single “the Man in Me” on December 27th, 2018, and if you’re looking for a nostalgically accessible Indie Pop single prepare to be mesmerised by the arrestive vintage soundscape..."

The full review is at

They are such a great blog for new music discovery and I am stoked that they took the time to write about the song!



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The band Allyson tastefully covers some old and new classic favorites. The debut album is sure to please fans of Elliott Smith, John Lennon, and Sufjan Stevens.

All I Wanna Do was originally performed by The Beach Boys. The Man in Me was originally performed by Bob Dylan. It's a Shame About Ray was originally performed by The Lemonheads. Hellhole Ratrace was originally performed by Girls.

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